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What you will learn:


  • Establish when, where, and why bullying situations arise.
  • Choose the appropriate language to deal with bullies by using the correct word structure.
  • Communicate assertively with teachers or supervising adults and involve them effectively to stop harassment scenarios.
  • Dominate the basic techniques of self defense against a bully’s aggressive actions. Apply the BullyProof® TTATD in order to confront any harassment or bullying scenarios.

According to official statistics, 70% of children and youths experience some degree of bullying during their school years and only 4% of these situations are identified by teachers or supervising adults.  

The most overwhelming aspect of these situations, is that the majority of parents are never made aware of when their children are being victimized by bullying. 

Allowing bullying to persist can cause irreversible damage to a child’s self esteem and reverberate during their adult lives.

The levels of stress, anxiety and fear can also lead to tragic consequences that most of the time could’ve been resolved with proper handling of the situation.

Our BullyProof® program was originally developed in 2012 and has been constantly improving over the years.  We have implemented the program in various schools across Central America and it has proven to be effective in significantly reducing the incidences of bullying in their classrooms.

This registered and trademarked program is being brought to you so that, along with your children, you can learn to apply the TTATD method to confront situations of harassment and bullying.

The program is very practical, you will find activities that can be carried out with your children at home using simulations of real life scenarios, the activities are designed to allow the program’s knowledge to be applied immediately, as you progress through the material.

Additionally, these activities will generate an environment of trust between you and your children so that with the guided exercises you can identify whether your son or daughter is currently a victim of bullying or if they are at any risk of becoming so, and guide you on how to take the appropriate preventive or corrective measures to resolve the situation.

What do I get from this course?


  • Over 40 video lessons.
  • More than 90 minutes of content..
  • Complimentary content with each module.


Activities designed and planned to be carried out alongside your children, where you can apply each concept in the course on a step-by-step basis.  Although this is an online course, there is a highly practical component that calls for direct interaction with your children to guarantee the course content can be applied to real life scenarios.

Unlimited support and assistance: Regardless of how many times you need to ask questions about the course, you will have absolute freedom to do so.  We will always be available to respond to your queries so you can get the most out of the material we have prepared for you.

Unlimited Lifetime Access without any additional cost.  Forget about paying membership or monthly fees and the likes, one payment is all you need for a lifetime of support.

You will also receive any new updates or improvements added to the program including: new classes, additional activities, etc.  These will be provided at no additional cost to enrolled students.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: you will have 30 days to test out the program and if you are not 100% Satisfied with the content you will be reimbursed for the full cost, no questions asked.  We’ve greatly dedicated ourselves to the quality and design of this course so you can receive the most value, so we are certain you will be 100% satisfied.

We invite you to review a sample of our course.  The first module is now available along with one of our self defense lessons for you to assess and review.

Course content and coverage

The course will start off with an introduction to Sensei Mauricio Carranza’s story, who was himself a victim of bullying during his school years.  Consequently, you will understand the need for the creation of the BullyProof® program and all the improvements made to it since its creation in 2012.

Afterwards, you will learn to perceive with absolute clarity, which situations can be identified as bullying and which are not.  We will provide a series of identifying characteristics that will assist in classifying whether a given scenario constitutes as bullying.

You will also learn to identify the different types of bullying that exist and understand their differences.

Then, you will review the different characteristics of body language and you will learn how to be assertive in your communication.  By combining specific techniques and a series of well defined steps that display security along with the correct wording you will be able to successfully and efficiently convey your dissatisfaction to the bully.  

Moving forward you will learn various techniques that are easy to apply as a means of avoiding harassment and avoid recurrences of bullying.

We will also instruct on the best method to properly get adults involved or how to capture their attention so they can intervene or take action against bullying scenarios.

Lastly, Sensei Mauricio Carranza will present various self defense techniques that can be used against the most common types of attacks in bullying scenarios that involve some type of physical aggression.  This way your children will have the proper tools to stop an eventual attack and avoid the tragic consequences.

This course will give you and your children the necessary tools for them to be assertive and confident.  You will progress through the course using a multitude of studied, proven and revised steps.

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