Sensei Mauricio Carranza

Sensei Mauricio Carranza began practicing Karate at age 11. Since then he has practiced and perfected it for 25 years.

As a competitor, he was Pan American champion, sub champion in Combat and Kata in the United States, multiple times champion and light sub champion in Costa Rica and was inside the best 16 light fighters of Japan in 2010.

For 10 years he has been a direct student of Kancho Hatsuo Royama, who in turn was a 30-year student of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama and founder of the Kyokushin-Kan Organization.

Sensei remains in constant technical learning. He visits his teacher annually in Japan and participates in Karate camps and seminars around the world.

With Sensei, karatekas from different countries in Latin America are prepared, trained and certified annually, a region in which he also gives seminars on a regular basis.

In addition to his martial training, Sensei has high-quality functional and CPR training certifications from the American Heart Association.

Parallel to karate, he has stood out as a leader and precursor at the national level, in the development of a successful program to combat bullying, patented and certified by psychologists, which has been implemented in the best private schools in Central America.

Competitive experience

  • 1998 Central American and Caribbean tournament of Karate Kyokushin.
  • 1999 Central American and Caribbean Karate Kyokushin tournament.
  • 2000 Kyokushin Karate National Tournament first light place.
  • 2002 Kyokushin Karate National Tournament first light place.
  • 2002 Pan American Kyokushin Karate Tournament San Juan Puerto Rico first light place.
  • 2008 All America Shin Kyokushin-kai third light place tournament.
  • 2010 All Japan Karate open tournament Tokyo, best 16 lightweight.
  • Alumno directo de Hennie Bosman con quien entrena una vez al año.
  • 2011 United States Open Karate tournament, light second place.


  • Shihan Kanemura Seminar 1997.
  • Seminar Shihan Shishinohe 1999.
  • Shihan Kenji Midori 2005 seminar.
  • Instructor seminar and mountain workshop Tokyo Japan 2010.
  • Internship as an instructor in Japan, Tokyo 2010.
  • Seminar Saiko Shihan Shijeru Oyama 2011.
  • Tokyo 2014 International Instructors Seminar.
  • Tokyo 2015 International Instructor Seminar.
  • International Instructor Seminar in Tokyo 2016.
  • International seminar of instructors in Tokyo 2017.
  • Florida USA International Instructor Seminar 2019.
  • Internship in Cape Town South Africa Hanshi Hennie Bosman 2019.

Martial Formation

  • Black belt first dan December 2002 San Jose Costa Rica (Antonio Gonzalez).
  • Black belt followed by July 2008 Shihan Roberto Mc Lean.
  • Second black belt dan November 2010 Tokyo Japan, Hatsuo Royama.
  • Third black belt dan March 2014 Tokyo Japan, Hatsuo Royama.
  • Black belt 4th dan July 2018 Boulder Colorado, Hatsuo Royama.
  • Direct student from 2011 to 2016 of Kenji Fujiwara with whom he trains twice a year.
  • Direct student of Nathan Ligo with whom he trains twice a year.
  • Direct student of Hennie Bosman with whom he trains once a year.
  • Direct student of Hatsuo Royama with whom he trains once a year since 2011.

I am in constant technical learning, leading the operation of the Kyokushin-kan organization in the Central American and Latin American region.

My Karate programs have been evaluated by the best teachers in the world and also by national professionals in the areas of child pedagogy and child psychology.

These processes have made our program successful and adopted by schools such as: The Country Day School, Blue Valley School, Lincoln School and Panamerican School in Costa Rica and multiple preschool institutions in the country

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