Tamashii Pre-Karate

Our pre karate program is taught by certified professionals who have years of experience teaching and interacting with children.

They know how to adjust their approach to each child individually when necessary, and how to always make them feel included. Every kid receives personalized attention and motivation.

Our Tamashii pre karate program develops motor skills, coordination, focus and confidence. Your child will have a great time in every class, while learning and progressing in a safe, healthy and exciting environment. It is the perfect combination of fun, learning goals and achievements.

In Tamashii pre karate we focus on children learning basic Japanese Karate classes in a fun and playful way.

In this group we focus a lot on establishing limits of behavior and respect.

Children in a fun way exercise and develop their gross motor with classes scheduled and studied to prepare them to the levels that will come later, within the classes we put lots of attention to de development of: self-esteem and confidence, propiception and psychomotor skills, development of social skills and help decrease the anxiety of separation from parents.

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