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A confident child is a happier child.

Confident children are happy children, and happy children are generally confident.

Our programs for children creates a clear circle of building trust and values, all our trained in Japan instructors will accelerate and improve this cycle in children and adolescents.

A typical day for children and teenagers is busy and includes school, home life, sports, interaction with family and friends and lots of communication with adults. Very often, a young person finds themselves entering unknown situations or circumstances.


An insecure child will tend to be more withdrawn, uncomfortable and volatile.

Childhood is the precursor to adulthood, and this transition occurs in a relatively short period of time. Trends acquired when young people often move to adolescence and adulthood.

The older one gets, the more challenging it is to break one’s habit and negative perceptions of oneself. Martial arts training at an early age creates a solid foundation of trust and self-esteem that will be built year after year.


A martial arts student learns that the mind controls the body.

A calm, peaceful, self-confident person has a positive outlook on life and is healthy both mentally and physically.

Our class of children from ages seven and up, its a replica exactly a class from a dojo in Tokyo, the exercises, dynamics, themes, form and language are a replica of our organization’s classes in Japan, our Sensei does internships in Tokyo and other parts of the world to offer this unique experience!

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