Tamashii Foundation

The Friends of Tamashii Foundation is a community effort, which seeks to impact society positively by training young people committed to the values ​​of Japanese Karate.

Through donations and funds raised from the organization of events, the Foundation carries out initiatives that allow Tamashii Martial Arts students to experience Karate philosophy in depth and grow by adopting it as a way of life.


The Foundation’s resources allow Tamashii Martial Arts students to participate with high frequency in international seminars and tournaments.

The Foundation also grants children’s scholarships so that children who do not have the necessary resources can be trained in this martial art.


The contributions collected by the Foundation are administered by a Board of Directors, made up of parents of Tamashii Martial Arts students, who act as representatives of the students of the academy.

The Board of Directors maintains regular communication with the parents of minor students and with adult students, in order to receive feedback on their needs at the training level and to propose proposals for potential initiatives to be carried out annually.

How to contribute

Not only people who are part of the Tamashii Martial Arts community can contribute to the Foundation. The donations of all the people and companies that wish to participate in this effort are infinitely appreciated.

An official certificate of participation will be given as a donor of the Friends of Tamashii Foundation, which can be used as support before the tax authorities.

Working together we can offer our children experiences that will strengthen their value base and mark their essence, allowing them to train as conscious, integrity, humble, respectful, loyal and persevering adults.




If it is your wish to make a regular contribution to the Foundation.



If your desire is to contribute to the Foundation and you have the opportunity to do so now.

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